Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Does A French Bulldog Shed?

If you’re thinking about adding a French bulldog to your family, you might also be wondering how the new arrival might affect your household chores. Feeding, walking, and playtime routines are a given, of course. But how much do French bulldogs shed, and is there anything that can be done to prevent it? About French … Read more

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Why does my dog chew on everything?

Reasons your dog chews  The truth of the matter is that chewing is a natural process that all puppies will go through…. You must realize that your puppy is like a child. And like a child, they love to put everything in their mouths while exploring the environment around them. Here are some causes for … Read more

French Bulldog Temperament

Temperament of the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs? Personality The French Bulldog is an amazing affectionate, playful, lively and super sociable breed that I would recommend to everyone. They will do well in a house with lots of property or an apartment as long as they have their daily exercise regiment. They simply love people and wouldn’t want to be anywhere … Read more

What Is A Good Dog Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs?

What are the best dog food for sensitive stomachs?

Dog’s, like humans, can have sensitivities to foods that can cause an upset stomach. But there are foods that will be much easier for our dog to digest while being much easier on their stomachs. Why does my dog have a sensitive stomach? Some dogs are just prone to having a sensitive stomach, which really means they … Read more